Information on some remedies especially useful when travelling.

Homeopathic First Aid for the Traveller

Homeopathic remedies, used in conjunction with conventional first aid procedures, can aid recovery and healing. Whereas prescribing for chronic conditions such as arthritis and migraine takes a homoeopath many years of study, prescribing for first aid is relatively straightforward.

Please get in touch if you are thinking about buying a homeopathic remedy kit for travellers as these are an economical way of buying a relatively large number of remedies. The kits give detailed instructions about choosing remedies and how to use them. You may find the following remedies useful:

Fear of Flying - there are a number of really good remedies that will help this condition. If you feel terrified even thinking about flying a dose of Aconite before you get to the airport and then frequent doses throughout the flight can help. For some flyers it is the fear of heights or of being enclosed in the body of the plane that bothers them and for these people Argentum Nitricum, which is a classic remedy for claustrophobia, would be a better choice. If you start to feel paralysed and trembly and find that alcohol calms you down you may find that the remedy Gelsemium works even better!

Food Poisoning – for frequent travellers this can be an occupational hazard. Three remedies that are often indicated are: Arsenicum particularly for upsets after meat, after bad fish and Mercurius viv after shelfish.

Jet-lag – A dose of Arnica before, during and after can help you feel less disorientated. If your sleep has been disturbed because of travelling through different time zones the remedy Cocculus can help restore sleep pattern.

Constipation - “traveller’s constipation” affects many when they go on holiday and the remedy to try first is Natrum Muriaticum. This remedy is particularly good if you feel worse for being out in the sun and you start to want to eat salty foods. Another good remedy is Bryonia - this remedy works best if you feel dry and thirsty as well as headachy and bad-tempered.

Homesickness - homesickness can strike the most unlikely people and in the most unexpected circumstances. Sometimes it can be triggered by simply smelling something that reminds you of home or, more likely, a telephone call from home when you maybe sitting in some impersonal hotel on the other side of the world.

One of the great things about homeopathy is that it can work on an emotional level as well as a physical level. The remedy Pulsatilla is a good choice if you are feeling alone and abandoned and probably a bit weepy. Symptoms are often worse in the evening and definitely feel better if you go for a walk in fresh, open air. If things have got worse and you are starting to think, talk and dream of home a dose of Bryonia can make you feel a lot happier.

Sunstroke - an excellent remedy for the effects of over exposure to the sun is the remedy Belladonna. Sufferers will typically have a fever with a lot of redness and burning. Patients needing this remedy will often have a throbbing headache and want to be in a darkened room.

There are many more conditions that can be treated with homoeopathy when travelling. For example, bites, diarrhoea, dental problems, injury, mountain sickness and travel sickness to name a few. Obviously, serious injuries should never be treated without seeking medical advice.

I plan to include more information here about homeopathic remedies for travellers - but if in the meantime you want to find out more you are always welcome to contact me by phone or email

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