As the country goes sporting mad over the next few weeks during the Olympics some athletes may suffer common ailments such as bruising, torn ligaments and muscular strain, and sports personalities such as footballer David Beckham and rugby player Will Greenwood are among the six million users of homeopathy in the UK.

The most popular homeopathic remedies for sports-related problems are Arnica which is traditionally used for bruising, and Ruta for sprains or strains. While chronic joint symptoms are best seen by a qualified professional homeopath, minor injuries and ailments can be treated at home using over-the-counter remedies.

Nelsons homeopathic pharmacy was keen to discover how athletes have used homeopathy to help them achieve their goals and found out that Olympic 100m Champion Linford Christie recommends homeopathic Arnica to help with sporting injuries: ‘I am a fan of arnica and recommend all the Athletes in my Street Athletics programme have it in their kit bag to help with sprains and strains.’

Jayne Torvill, legendary Olympic figure skating Gold medallist and Dancing on Ice star, also trusts Arnica:  “When I fall on the ice, I treat my bruises with arnica tablets or cream, which seems to help”. And it doesn’t stop there. Homeopathy fans include Olympic tennis superstar Boris Becker, two time javelin Olympic medallist Kate Schmidt and footballer David Beckham.

Susanne Haar, pharmacist based at Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy recommends homeopathic remedies for sporting injuries: ‘Arnica is one of the most common homeopathic remedies to try with sporting injuries as it helps ease symptoms of sprains, strains and bruising, but other remedies can complement arnica to aid healing. Ruta grav is a remedy to try for shin injuries because it helps the healing of bruises. It is also suitable for strain injuries. Rhus tox is another remedy to consider for sprains. Try Rhus tox if the sprain seems stiff and painful during or after rest, typically when you first wake up in the morning.’
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Television personality Gaby Roslin writes on the recently launched website Celebrity Homeopathy  "I find homeopathy incredibly useful for keeping me and my family healthy. I depend on it and have a kit of homeopathic medicines ready for what day-to-day life might bring." 

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