In order to find the most appropriate remedy for you it is important that I build a picture of you as a whole person. The initial consultation lasts approximately one and half hours and allows you time to freely discuss your symptoms. This gives us both time to understand what is characteristic of you, and how your current emotional and/or physical symptoms are affecting you.

New Patients - Initial questionnaire

To make this process a little easier before your initial consultation I generally send you, by email or post, a patient questionnaire. This asks about your past medical history, any patterns you have noticed regarding your current symptoms, and any acute illnesses, accidents, or physical or emotional traumas that may have affected your general health.


All information you give is treated as strictly confidential – your notes and any identifying material are stored separately to protect your identity.

The Homeopathic Remedy

Following your consultation you will usually be prescribed a homeopathic remedy to match your individual health and current symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are prepared in dedicated homeopathic pharmacies from a wide variety of natural sources from the mineral, plant and animal kingdom. Unlike orthodox drugs, homeopathic medicines are not tested on animals

Follow-up Appointments

To offer you continuity of care it is important that you return for a follow-up appointment, generally three to four weeks after your initial consultation. This appointment will last approximately forty minutes to allow time to assess your response to your initial prescription, and decide what further remedies or other support may be required.

The overall period of time needed for the course of your treatment will depend on you as an individual and your response to the remedies presrcibed for you. It can vary according to the severity of your illness, and any emotional, dietary or environmental factors that may be affecting your general health, and/or aggravating your symptoms.

Communication between appointments

You are welcome to contact me between appointments if you have any problems or queries relating to your treatment as necessary. You are welcome to leave your messages on my practice answer phone (available 24 hours per day) and I will respond as soon as possible within the weekday hours of 9am - 6pm.


Consultation Fees for Adults
Initial appointment (approx. 1- 11/2 hours ) -  £70
Follow-up appointment (approx. 45mins)  -  £44
Consultation Fees - Children
Initial appointment (approx. 45mins) - £45
Follow-up appointment (approx 30mins) - £32

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Homeopathic Consultation

Funding your treatment

Many health insurance companies will pay towards the cost of Homeopathic consultations –  see the Society of Homeopaths website for a list of these companies: