Homoeopathy is a complete and effective system of medicine that has been practised for centuries in many countries worldwide.

omeopathy is a holistic practice; you are considered to be an integrated whole and your physical, mental and emotional states are essentially interconnected. Therefore I am interested to understand you as an individual as well as your individual symptoms of disease or ill-health. As a holistic practitioner I understand that your symptoms can be an expression of a deeper disharmony, therefore I aim to treat you as a whole person, rather than your symptoms as isolated problems.

A quote that nicely illustrates the holistic nature of homeopathy is from the 16th century philosopher and physician, Paracelsus. He said,
''Those who merely study and treat the effects of the disease are like those who imagine that they can drive away the winter by brushing the snow from the door. It is not the snow that causes winter, but winter that causes the snow.''
The focus for all holistic systems of complementary medicine is to understand you as a unique individual who has a characteristic set of symptoms. Using knowledge and understanding of the many and varied homeopathic remedies, my task is to find the homeopathic prescription that will best alleviate your symptoms.

The well chosen Homoeopathic remedy acts like a catalyst to stimulate your own healing response. Because of the scale of the doses used, there are
no toxic side effects or risk of dependency from the remedies.

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