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Published Work

Potential for Change: C Triturations
by Brenda O'Brien RSHom
published in The Homeopath, Winter 2006 Vol 25:3

This article explores the trituration process, and the C potencies that are becoming increasingly relevant for 21st-century homeopaths. My journey to discover this hidden aspect of homeopathy began in 2001. In this article I share how these potencies have deepened my respect for the remedy making process, and why I feel potency is our strength. 

The article can be downloaded from the following location: Potential for Change paper

Involvement in Provings

Homeopathic philosophy is based on the understanding of ‘like cures like’. Each new homeopathic medicine undergoes a particular process called a ‘proving’ and these form a fundamental part of all homeopathic knowledge. 
Volunteers or ‘provers’ take the new substance until they experience symptoms, and all symptoms that result from taking this substance (physical, emotional and/or spiritual) are recorded in detail. In this way a huge variety of natural substances are tested for their healing and curative properties and can be added to the homeopathic pharmacy.

I have participated in a number of homeopathic provings and these have profoundly affected my professional development. The experience of being part of a group proving is a fascinating process and increased my respect, appreciation and experiential understanding of the whole homeopathic philosophy.

As an offshoot of recent seminars and provings, I submitted an article for publication in the Winter 2006 edition of The Homeopath (Society of Homeopaths quarterly journal) entitled ‘Potential for Change’. See link above [in Published Work] to download this article.